Nano Computed Tomography

Advanced Imaging Core

Welcome To The Nano Computed Tomography Advanced Imaging Core

The nano- and micro-CT facility core provides services for acquiring three-dimensional imaging and quantitative analysis of biological and engineered structures/materials. The core is capable of imaging mineralized tissues (e.g., bone, teeth) and soft tissues (e.g., tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, muscle) with the aid of radiographic contrast agents. This core is managed and operated by members of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratories. Explore the website to see what we can do and to learn about projects under development.

For general inquiries and specific requests, please contact Andrea Clark at or at (734) 615-6956.

High Resolution Bone Imaging

High resolution imaging of ex vivo and in vivo biological materials.

Soft Tissue/Contrast Enhanced Imaging

Imaging of soft tissues can be achieved with the use of contrast agents. Structures and organs such as muscles, vessels, heart, kidney, cartilage and others can be imaged.

Beyond Bone...

High resolution imaging of other materials is possible with the nano-CT system, such as metals, ceramics, scaffolds, insects, plants, etc.